Read tif files from disk

ca_stars_read(x, sidecar = TRUE, proxy = FALSE)



File name(s) with path of tif files


Read sidecar files if they exist, logical


Import the TIF file as a stars proxy


A list of stars objects


This function can be used to read tif files that were downloaded by ca_getrst_stars. It is a lightweight wrapper around stars::read_stars(), with the ability to read the sidecar files created by ca_getrst_stars. These sidecar files restore all of the attributes of the array dimensions that are not otherwise preserved by the tif format.

proxy signifies whether the tif file(s) should be read as stars proxy (e.g., pointer). This is recommended if the rasters are potentially too large to fit into memory. With stars proxy objects, rasters will be read into memory only when needed, at the cost of potentially slightly slower performance. For details see stars documentation.

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