Preparing for the Workshop

1. Registration
Registration is required (free). If you haven’t already, you may register here.

2. Create a posit Cloud (formerly known as RStudio Cloud) account
We’ll be using posit Cloud for the hands-on exercises. Please create a free account if you don’t already have one (RStudio Cloud accounts work fine). Once you’ve created your posit Cloud account, you’re done for now.

On the day of the workshop, please click the following link to make a clone of the workshop RStudio project:

Tip: Using a second monitor is strongly recommended for those doing the hands-on exercises, so you can watch the instructor’s screen share on one monitor, while working on RStudio in another. See also these tips for taking Zoom workshops on a single monitor.

Note #1: Doing the hands-on exercises are optional. You’ll still get a lot out of the workshop just by watching. The RStudio Cloud project link will continue to be active for some time to come if you want to go back. The recording will be available approximately 1 week after the workshop.

Note #2: People who want to run RStudio Desktop on the their laptop are welcome to download the GitHub repo, but we won’t be able to provide any support during the workshop for setup problems. Install these packages.

3. Review tidyverse Data Wrangling
This workshop will make extensive use of data wrangling techniques using the tidyverse packages dplyr and tidyr. If you’re not familiar with these, some review would be time well spent. See these Data Wrangling video tutorials from RStudio.

Part I. Intro and Simple Metrics

Part II. Cummulative metrics and multi-year summaries

Part III. Agroclimate Metrics with Modeled Climate Data

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  • Notebook #3